Long Island Limo Car Service for a Romantic Getaway

Long Island Limo Car Service for a Romantic Getaway

A Long Island Limo Car Service for a romantic getaway is a really good idea.  A great destination for an intimate holiday is always a winner, but getting there in style puts the real cream on the top.

Perhaps you will choose the Hyatt Regency Long Island in Hauppauge just off the Long Island ELong Island Limo Car Service Romancexpressway (I-495), within minutes by chauffeured limousine to fine wineries, the Hamptons and Jones Beach.

You are met at LaGuardia Airport by your very courteous and professional driver and whisked to your waiting room overlooking Hamlet Wind Watch Golf & Country Club, just a very relaxing and safe 45 minutes away in the quiet comfort of a modern and beautiful luxury sedan.  You have eyes only for each other.  Everything else to make sure you arrive at your perfect getaway is taken care of, because you chose a professional, licensed Long Island limo car service to get you there.Continue reading

Sightseeing Long Island

Sightseeing Long Island in Comfort – try a Long Island Car Service

Sightseeing Long Island can be a lot of fun. Why not spoil yourself and a friend and do it in comfort? A Long Island car service is just the thing to really have a great day (or two).

Long Island is a wonderful place to visit and there are a lot of sights to see. Situated in southeastern New York State, it really lives up to its name, stretching all the way from New York City east to Montauk Point, with its famous white sand and lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in the 1700s and is the oldest lighthouse in New York State. With stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Long Island, it is one destination you will not want to miss. A Long Island limo service can take you there in real comfort.long island car service sightseeing

Long Island is the longest and also the largest island of the contiguous United States. It is 118 miles long and 23 miles wide at its widest point. It is densely populated with close to 8 million people living there. You will find some of the friendliest people you will ever meet at some of your stops along the way.

A few of the sites you won’t want to miss are the Montauk Point Park and lighthouse, Jones Beach State Park and Fire Island. Then there’s Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Old Westbury Gardens, Cradle of Aviation Museum, numerous state parks, plus William Floyd Estate, Walt Whitman Birthplace, Pollock-Krasner House, Old Bethpage Village and many, many more. It’s a great idea to talk about what you want to see at the time you book your Long Island car service.Continue reading

Riding in Style

Riding in Style – why not try a Long Island limo car service?

Riding in style is truly the way to go.  Have you ever actually tried a Long Island car service?  You’ll never go back to cabs.

If you live anywhere on Long Island, such as East Hampton or Sagaponack, why spend hours in a cab or worse, fighting traffic behind the wheel of your own automobile, when you can sit back and relax in style in the comfort of a chauffeured limousine.  ride in style

The drive from Sagaponack or East Hampton to LaGuardia Airport is nearly two hours, even in good weather and light traffic.  That’s a long time to be sitting in a cramped cab or worse, navigating weekend traffic for 95 miles.

It is possible to get some work done in the limited space of a cab, but in a limo, you can stretch out your legs, and actually enjoy some comfortable and private work space.  Frankly, you can actually work productively in a limousine from a Long Island car service.Continue reading

Airport Car Services in New York

Airport Car Services in New York – why not the best?

Airport car services in New York definitely are not all the same.  If you do an online search for this term, it pulls up almost 13 million results on Google.  That’s a whole lot of zeroes!  airport car service new york

Furthermore, sites that offer ratings, such as The Top Ten Airport Car Services or similar are a dime a dozen and very inconsistent.  (Actually, search top ten airport car services on Google.  You get almost 15 million results…)

However, and this might just shock you, if you type in your islands limo car service, there are a staggering 64,300,000 results listed!  That’s incredible.  So what would it take to be at the top of those results on page one of Google on that list?  Ya gotta be good!

Service is the Key

Your Islands Limo Car Service holds that slot as of this writing.  That speaks way more to their dedication and service than one of 15 million top ten websites.Continue reading