Corporate Limousine Service for Worry Free Travel

Corporate Limousine Service for Worry-Free Business & Leisure Travel

A corporate limousine service is a very positive way for modern businesses to relieve some of the pressure on their own resources. Rather than driving all the way to, say, JFK Airport to pick up a client in a company vehicle, booking a corporate airport car service to pick your international client up is an excellent choice.Corporate Limousine Service

A luxury black car service makes a very impressive statement about your business, while saving wear and tear on company vehicles and freeing up staff for more important things, such as preparing to welcome your visitors on site. Your staff are not chauffeurs, neither should they be treated as such. You pay them for their valuable skills within your company. Let them continue doing their important work for you where their professional skills lie. Let a professional chauffeur pamper your important clients in comfort, luxury and style.Continue reading

Corporate Limo Service New York

Corporate Limo Service New York – why you should use a corporate limo service

A corporate limo service in New York, such as Your Islands Limo Corporate Service (Y.I.L.C.S.), are specialists in servicing the corporate world.  It doesn’t matter weather your company is a large corporation of a small business.   Corporate limo services understand and cater to the unique needs of their corporate clients, providing them with the very best of prompt, courteous and personal service.  Corporate Limo Service New York

A corporate limo service in New York, one of the most important and frequently traveled business hubs in the world, understands the needs of their corporate clients, whether they are from Seattle, London, Paris or Hong Kong.  That is why more companies like Y.I.L.C.S. are providing online accounts, saving their clients the unnecessary added expense of phone calls and being put on hold.Continue reading

Uber vs Real Black Car Service

Uber vs Real Black Car Service – who is driving the car you’re in?

Uber vs real black car service is a topic not even imagined just a few years ago.  If you wanted a black car service, you called a black car service and got the kind of real quality and service you expected.

But today, as the ride hailing service tries to pass itself off as something as good as or better than a real black car service, what, really, are the facts?  Does simply painting a car black make it a black car service?  Uber vs Real black car service

First and foremost, ride sharing companies like Uber are not real black car services, even if some of the cars being used are black.  In reality, these are all privately owned vehicles driven by amateurs who have passed the skimpiest of regulatory programs, if any at all.Continue reading