Long Island MacArthur Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport – aka Islip Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA), otherwise known as Islip Airport, is a little jewel owned and operated by the town of Islip on Long Island, New York.  The airport was originally built under contract to the federal government in 1942, on land owned by the Town of Islip, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Long Island MacArthur Airport

It was first called Islip Airport, but was renamed Long Island MacArthur Airport after General Douglas MacArthur’s daring escape from the Philippines on PT Boats that same year.

Islip itself is located in Suffolk County, on the southern shore of Long Island.  It is a beautiful and historic town of about 350,000 people.  With its central location on the island, its main purpose is to serve Long Islanders.  It offers a smaller alternative to the JFK and LaGuardia airports.Continue reading

Long Island Car Service

Long Island Car Service – Travelling in Style

A Long Island car service is an important choice for your New York vacation.

If you’ve watched any clips of traffic in NYC, you know it can get pretty crazy.  It’s no surprise, because New York City is the most densely populated city in the USA.

Long Island Car Service

In fact, New York State and New Jersey are both in the top ten of all the states in the union for population density.  New Jersey has the highest density of all the states, while New York ranks number 7.  Truly, why drive yourself or subject yourself to a cab or bus in a traffic jam, when you can choose a luxurious and comfortable Long Island car service to get you from A to B.

Cabs vs a Long Island car service

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Now Operated by Fateh Limo Service

Now Operated by Fateh Limo Service – same great family – same great service!

Now operated by Fateh Limo Service, Your Islands Limo Service has changed only their business name, but are still operated by the same family and team that you have come to enjoy and trust.  You can feel comfortable through the transition, knowing you will get the same great service we have always supplied under the banner of Your Islands Limo Service.Now Operated as Fateh Limo Service

This trusted company, known for their personalized service, dedication to quality and safety, and pursuit of excellence will continue to operate in the New York/Long Island and New Jersey region with the award winning service we are famous for.Continue reading