Avalon Park & Preserve – a natural, magical place on Long Island, NY

Avalon Park & Preserve may be one of the most magical natural wonders you will find in all of New York.  Situated on Harbor Road in the beautiful Stonybrook, NY area of Long Island, it is a real gem.Avalon Park & Preserve

The reviews on TripAdvisor for Avalon Park & Pr

eserve are almost all 5 star ratings.  In fact, almost 95% of visitors said it is excellent.  98% rated it above average, so you know it has to be amazing.

Some of the reviews include comments such as, “Hiking bliss,”  “A destination for all ages,” “Wonderful park for walking, meditation,” “One of Long Island’s hidden gems,” “A hidden treasure,” and simply “Must visit.”

You might think of such a place as a very nice park to visit in the summer, but as one reviewer put it, “Avalon Park and Preserve is a treasure in Stony Brook, each season of the year.”

The trails in Avalon Park & Preserve are very private, natural and always beautiful.  Because of the brilliant way the trails have been laid out, it gives the illusion of a vast park, filled with ponds, forest and field.  Each well-groomed trail leads to another world, including the year round labyrinth.

While drones are not allowed in the park, photography is welcomed and encouraged.  You will want to bring a camera!  There’s always something new in the ever changing light.  For an out-of-this-world experience, there’s also the Avalon Sky Lab, an innovative structure built to match the existing barn on the property.  While it looks like an ordinary barn, the roof rolls off to open it up to the sky.

For those who are interested in meditation, the park offers both a quiet place for the practice, as well as various courses.  Those who practice this discipline confirm that the park is a great place to go for the perfect setting, as well as the peace and quiet.Avalon Park and Preserve

When traveling on business, there are often a lot of things to think about.  Stress is one of the biggest killers in the modern world.  Having a relaxing place to get away to while visiting on Long Island, NY for business can be just what the doctor ordered.

Consider a chauffeured luxury limousine ride from your hotel to Avalon Park & Preserve to unwind, recharge and let your mind discover new and innovative solutions better than you ever could at a board room table or stuffy cafeteria.

Imagine standing among the wildflower fields near the Avalon Barn, just off Shep Jones Lane.  Enjoy the bright, natural colors. Feel the gentle, salt-kissed breeze and enjoy its peaceful rustling in the wild grasses around you.   Listen to the birds chasing each other among the bushes and flowers at the edge of the field.

It may be busy in the glass and concrete mix of cars, buses and people in the corporate world of downtown business, but a black car service can whisk you out to peace and quiet in Avalon Park & Preserve in minutes, in quiet, air-conditioned luxury.

Need to catch up on some extra details?  Let a chauffeured Long Island luxury limo become your own personal office for while and take a quiet, well-earned break in a beautiful setting.  You can work in peace while your chauffeur for the moment drives you, then have him pick you up after a quiet stroll through one of the prettiest little parks you will ever find, Avalon Park & Preserve in Stonybrook, Long Island, New York.

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