Black Car & SUV Service – what does that mean?

Black car & SUV service is anything but a typical taxi service, although cab companies seem to think they can fool people by buying black cars.  The truth is, there is a big difference between black car service and cab service – quite a big car & SUV service nyc

When is the last time you reserved a cab online and your cab driver was standing at arrivals patiently waiting for you?  That’s what I thought.  Never.

Unlike taxicabs, which sometimes use black luxury vehicles in an attempt to look like black car service, true Black Car & SUV and limousine service are several steps above black taxicabs or worse.

What IS a “Black Car & SUV Service?”

First of all, unlike cabs, black car & SUV services and limousine services are for hire vehicle (FHV) services.  They are prohibited by law from picking up random fares. and do not have roof lights.

FHVs provide service after prior arrangement (booking) and charge based on zones, time or miles, but do not use meters, and must be affiliated with an FHV base.

A black car & SUV service is more specialized than a simple FHV service.  Primarily serving business clientele with black luxury vehicles, such as the Lincoln Town Car, Chevrolet Suburban, Cadillac Escalade, Ford Expedition and Toyota Sienna, all cars are operated from efficiently, professionally and high class service oriented bases. Limousines are stretch luxury vehicles, operated in most cases in the same manner as a black car service.

Do you want a driver or a chauffeur?

When you book a black car service, you don’t just get a driver, such as you would with a cab or Uber.  You get a highly trained, courteous and properly dressed chauffeur.  A chauffeur has very specialized training in road safety and customer service.  When you hire a black car, SUV or limousine service to take you from the London, NYC to JFK, you will be able to relax in the utmost comfort and safety from the time you step into the car until the chauffeur opens your door and helps you with your luggage at the airport.

Chauffeurs of an executive black car service in NYC know how to get you from the Trump SoHo in downtown New York City to your flight at LaGuardia, comfortably, safely and on time, even in the busiest times of the day.  Their training ensures that you won’t miss that crucial business flight.  Even when you need to get from a meeting at the Plaza or Park Hyatt Hotel to a flight from a private airport on Long Island, your chauffeur will have it all planned and routed so that you will get there in plenty of time to make your flight.

A better experience

Having a chauffeur-driven black car or limousine service convey you for a night out on the town enhances the experience of your evening, plus guarantees that you will have a car when you need it.  Unlike the scene you often see in movies of somebody’s night out being spoiled by having to get soaked in the NYC rain while trying to hail a cab in the dark, a black car service is already waiting for you.

All the cars used are late model, high quality luxury vehicles, carrying a minimum of $500,000 to $1,000,000 in liability insurance.   Your black car & SUV and limousine service is booked in advance, often by email.  Payment is almost never made by direct payment, but is arranged at the time of booking.

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