Now Operated by Fateh Limo Service

Now Operated by Fateh Limo Service – same great family – same great service!

Now operated by Fateh Limo Service, Your Islands Limo Service has changed only their business name, but are still operated by the same family and team that you have come to enjoy and trust.  You can feel comfortable through the transition, knowing you will get the same great service we have always supplied under the banner of Your Islands Limo Service.Now Operated as Fateh Limo Service

This trusted company, known for their personalized service, dedication to quality and safety, and pursuit of excellence will continue to operate in the New York/Long Island and New Jersey region with the award winning service we are famous for.

Your Islands Limo Service has served the Long Island, New York City and Greater New York and New Jersey region since our inception.  Our outstanding limousine service has a 5 star rating on google, because of the unparalleled quality of service we provide at very reasonable rates.

New York Airport Car Service

Not all airport car services are reliable but their airport service continues to be consistently reliable, because their skilled and dedicated team always do their very best to ensure everything is set up according to their clients’ desires.  Many of their customers have done a search for limo rates and have called one company after another.  Some people have discovered that this just wasn’t much help, nor did it work properly due to language difficulties.  Your Island Limos, now Fateh Limo Service, offers communication by all means for your convenience. For example, if you know how to type in their pickup location and destination address with the most basic information, you can get a rate within Suffolk County, Nassau County, and other boroughs of New York.

People often wonder where to find the best JFK Limo Car Service, or an affordable JFK Car Service that is both reliable and conveniently located close to the airport. JFK Airport Limo car services and town car services are very common to find lurking around the airport. However, Your Islands Limo JFK Car Service has always been a safe and dependable option at a much lower cost than many of the alternatives.  Now operated by Fateh Limo Service and owned by the same fine people, you can relax and enjoy the same safe, courteous and high quality service you expect.

Your Islands Limo JFK Limo Car Service has always taken you anywhere you want to go.  Fateh Limo Service continues this tradition of superb and luxurious service.  Here are just a few examples of nearby cities, areas, or regions served by Fateh Limo Service: Manhattan (all areas including Times Square, uptown, midtown, lower, east, west, Chelsea, Central Park, and more), Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Newark, Yonkers, White Plains, Bridgeport, Jamaica, Bayside, Flushing, Elmhurst, Belleville, New Rochelle, Elmont, Greenwich, Scarsdale, Harrison, Riverdale, Mamaroneck, Port Chester, Massapequa, Stamford, Paterson, Fairfield, Long Island, Clifton, New Brunswick, West Babylon, Morristown, Islip, Shirley, West Orange, Middletown, LaGuardia LGA Airport / EWR Liberty Airport, and much more.

Corporate Limousine Service for Worry Free Travel

Corporate Limousine Service for Worry-Free Business & Leisure Travel

A corporate limousine service is a very positive way for modern businesses to relieve some of the pressure on their own resources. Rather than driving all the way to, say, JFK Airport to pick up a client in a company vehicle, booking a corporate airport car service to pick your international client up is an excellent choice.Corporate Limousine Service

A luxury black car service makes a very impressive statement about your business, while saving wear and tear on company vehicles and freeing up staff for more important things, such as preparing to welcome your visitors on site. Your staff are not chauffeurs, neither should they be treated as such. You pay them for their valuable skills within your company. Let them continue doing their important work for you where their professional skills lie. Let a professional chauffeur pamper your important clients in comfort, luxury and style.Continue reading

Corporate Limo Service New York

Corporate Limo Service New York – why you should use a corporate limo service

A corporate limo service in New York, such as Your Islands Limo Corporate Service (Y.I.L.C.S.), are specialists in servicing the corporate world.  It doesn’t matter weather your company is a large corporation of a small business.   Corporate limo services understand and cater to the unique needs of their corporate clients, providing them with the very best of prompt, courteous and personal service.  Corporate Limo Service New York

A corporate limo service in New York, one of the most important and frequently traveled business hubs in the world, understands the needs of their corporate clients, whether they are from Seattle, London, Paris or Hong Kong.  That is why more companies like Y.I.L.C.S. are providing online accounts, saving their clients the unnecessary added expense of phone calls and being put on hold.Continue reading

Uber vs Real Black Car Service

Uber vs Real Black Car Service – who is driving the car you’re in?

Uber vs real black car service is a topic not even imagined just a few years ago.  If you wanted a black car service, you called a black car service and got the kind of real quality and service you expected.

But today, as the ride hailing service tries to pass itself off as something as good as or better than a real black car service, what, really, are the facts?  Does simply painting a car black make it a black car service?  Uber vs Real black car service

First and foremost, ride sharing companies like Uber are not real black car services, even if some of the cars being used are black.  In reality, these are all privately owned vehicles driven by amateurs who have passed the skimpiest of regulatory programs, if any at all.Continue reading

Unwinding New York Style

Unwinding New York Style – where to go for a break in NYC

Unwinding New York style is something unique to the area.  Nowhere else on the planet do people know how to unwind and tone down the stress like they do in New York City.

unwinding new york stylePerhaps it’s because NYC is the most densely populated city in the United States, or maybe it’s the air off the Atlantic, but for some reason, New Yorkers are famous for being able to unwind and chill, even with the hectic schedule of such a busy city.

You might be surprised to know that in spite of the massive amount of concrete and glass and the millions of people, New York has a lot of green space, recreational facilities and some of the best food and entertainment in the country.  You can get up in the morning, take a run in Central Park, eat breakfast at Tiffany’s just like Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Gollightly, enjoying a cup of coffee and a donut from a street vendor or deli with your selfy stick… no one will ask you what you’re doing and the folks at Tiffany’s, if they’re open, might just give you a smile through the window.Continue reading

Travel Safer by Limo

Travel Safer by Limo – why choose a chauffeured Long Island limo service?

Travel safer by limo service.  A chauffeured Long Island limo service is guaranteed to get you where you want to go in safety.

Ride sharing services have become really popular on Long Island and metropolitan New York city, but are they really a good choice?  Think about it.

travel safer by limo

These ride sharing services are all privately owned vehicles with TLC licenses.  Basically, they’re cabs driven by private individuals who have taken a quick course and passed a couple of tests.  You click on an app on your phone, give your location and cross your fingers.  Hope for the best.  If there’s a car somewhere close and if someone picks up your request and if they know how to get to you, you might not have to wait very long.Continue reading

Sayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry

Sayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry – getting you to the fun

Sayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry are the two ferry services that get you to all the action and fun in the sun of the beautiful beaches and resorts of Fire Island, New York.   A Long Island limo service is a fantastic way to access either of these two services in comfort, safety and privacy.

Fire Island

Fire Island, about a half hour ferry ride from Long Island, New York by either service, is what is known as a barrier island.  This thin, 31 mile long island runs parallel to the southSayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry shore of Long Island, is a maximum of 1300 feet wide and is barely 3 feet above sea level at its highest elevation.  With wide, sandy beaches, natural forests, wetlands and very lively downtown areas.  Some areas of Fire Island, such as Fire Island Pines increases in population greatly in summer.

Most of Fire Island is only accessible via either Sayville Ferry and Fire Island ferry, or other watercraft or aircraft.  The only public road is to Robert Moses State Park on the western tip, which is the only area of the island accessible by car.  The rest of the island, including all its communities, have wonderful walking paths.Continue reading

Long Island Wine Tours from New York City

Long Island Wine Tours from New York City – a memorable experience!

Long Island wine tours from New York City offer you a memorable experience!  When you take a Long Island wine tour in the safety, style and comfort of a chauffeured limousine, you can really get into the tour and enjoy your day.long island wine tours from new york city

When you hire a chauffeured luxury Long Island limo service for a Long Island wine tour, you are in the very capable, courteous and knowledgeable hands of an area expert who knows what Long Island wineries are not to be missed.  Booking a chauffeured Long Island wine tour from NYC is a fun and relaxing way to get out of the city for a nice, carefree break.  With a skilled and knowledgeable local expert at the wheel, you can let your hair down and forget about how to get from NYC to Montauk and back safely, sampling the amazing offerings at stops along the way!

The Long Island Wine Area

Continue reading

Black Car & SUV service

Black Car & SUV Service – what does that mean?

Black car & SUV service is anything but a typical taxi service, although cab companies seem to think they can fool people by buying black cars.  The truth is, there is a big difference between black car service and cab service – quite a big car & SUV service nyc

When is the last time you reserved a cab online and your cab driver was standing at arrivals patiently waiting for you?  That’s what I thought.  Never.

Unlike taxicabs, which sometimes use black luxury vehicles in an attempt to look like black car service, true Black Car & SUV and limousine service are several steps above black taxicabs or worse.Continue reading

Airport Black Car and SUV Service

Airport Black Car and SUV Service for Corporate Travelers

Airport black car and SUV service for corporate travelers is one of the few things that can bring a little calm into the stressful world of national and international business.  Once your account is set up via the easy and secure online service, it’s a snap to make all your reservations quickly and easily via email.

New York is one of the key centers in the world for business and business meetings.  With the the financial district, World Trade Center and many other key business centers in the city, it is a key hub for international business.  Called a global city along with London, Paris and Tokyo, New York is also a key exchange for international travel.  black car suv airport service

A global city functions as a key point in global economy, is therefore of great prominence in business and financial circles, is of exceptional importance for global communication and the exchange of information and is vital in the development of a global culture.  For these reasons and more, New York City is one of the cities of the world most visited by corporate business people by air, and of course, one of the busiest places to visit in the world.Continue reading