Long Island MacArthur Airport – aka Islip Airport

Long Island MacArthur Airport (LIMA), otherwise known as Islip Airport, is a little jewel owned and operated by the town of Islip on Long Island, New York.  The airport was originally built under contract to the federal government in 1942, on land owned by the Town of Islip, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Long Island MacArthur Airport

It was first called Islip Airport, but was renamed Long Island MacArthur Airport after General Douglas MacArthur’s daring escape from the Philippines on PT Boats that same year.

Islip itself is located in Suffolk County, on the southern shore of Long Island.  It is a beautiful and historic town of about 350,000 people.  With its central location on the island, its main purpose is to serve Long Islanders.  It offers a smaller alternative to the JFK and LaGuardia airports.

Near the beginning of 2011,  Long Island MacArthur Airport was designated an Official Metro Airport by the FAA.  Though much smaller, this put it in the same group with JFK, LaGuardia and Newark for travel and information searches for airports in New York.

With four runways and two helipads on 1311 acres, but without the congestion of the bigger airports, LIMA has an exceptional on-time performance record.  For example, in 2009, almost 84% of inbound flights arrived on time, while nearly 86% of outbound flights disembarked on time.  For an airport that served some 2.3 million commercial passengers in 2007, that’s an amazing record!

Familiar and Trusted Airlines

Southwest, American and Frontier Airlines all fly out of LIMA.

Southwest Airlines offers direct flights to Baltimore-Washington International (BWI), Fort Lauderdale (FLL), Orlando (MCO), Tampa (TPA), and West Palm Beach (PBI) with connecting service to more than forty destinations across the continental USA, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Long Island MacArthur Airport Flights

American Airlines offers daily flights to Philadelphia with connecting service to over 800 destinations around the world.

Frontier Airlines just started offering nonstop flights to Orlando and coming October 5th, will offer nonstop flights to Fort Myers, Miami, New Orleans, Tampa and West Palm Beach. They expect to start offering nonstop flights to Atlanta, Charlotte, Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis/St. Paul in the spring of 2018.

As you can see, there are many good choices available right at Long Island MacArthur Airport on well known major airlines for domestic flights, as well as to Mexico and the Caribbean.

Many Long Islanders choose Long Island MacArthur Airport for their domestic flights, such as a welcome break to the beaches of Florida, or a regular business trip to Chicago or Baltimore.  They like the smaller lines, reliable service and downright convenient location, right in the center of Long Island.

Getting to Long Island MacArthur Airport

There are many ways to get to LIMA.  There is paid parking available for cars, or you can take a bus, train (to within one mile of the airport), taxi or airport car service.

An Islip airport car service takes the stress out of getting to your gate on time.  There are many ways to get to and from LIMA, but the best way to get there is via a Long Island airport limo service.  The advantage of using an Islip car service with a full local knowledge of routes and traffic makes it an obvious choice.

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