Sayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry – getting you to the fun

Sayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry are the two ferry services that get you to all the action and fun in the sun of the beautiful beaches and resorts of Fire Island, New York.   A Long Island limo service is a fantastic way to access either of these two services in comfort, safety and privacy.

Fire Island

Fire Island, about a half hour ferry ride from Long Island, New York by either service, is what is known as a barrier island.  This thin, 31 mile long island runs parallel to the southSayville Ferry and Fire Island Ferry shore of Long Island, is a maximum of 1300 feet wide and is barely 3 feet above sea level at its highest elevation.  With wide, sandy beaches, natural forests, wetlands and very lively downtown areas.  Some areas of Fire Island, such as Fire Island Pines increases in population greatly in summer.

Most of Fire Island is only accessible via either Sayville Ferry and Fire Island ferry, or other watercraft or aircraft.  The only public road is to Robert Moses State Park on the western tip, which is the only area of the island accessible by car.  The rest of the island, including all its communities, have wonderful walking paths.

Sayville Ferry

Sayville Ferry has been taking passengers to Fire Island since 1894.  Visitors to Fire Island from all over the world have been taking advantage of the service for more than 100 years.   The central communities of Cherry Grove, Fire Island Pines, Water Island,  Sailors Haven/Sunken Forest and Fire Island National Seashore Park are all locations regularly serviced by Sayville Ferry.  The ferry disembarks from River Road, Sayville, on the south shore of Long Island, landing at Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove and other points on Fire Island.

While you can get close to the Sayville Ferry by rail, you will need to take a cab the rest of the way, should you choose to travel by train.  The ferry is also accessible by car, of course, but you will need to pay for parking across the street.

Long Island limo services offer black car service to Sayville Ferry from anywhere in the NYC or Long Island, including JFK and LaGuardia Airports and back.  No matter who you are or where you final destination is on Fire Island, traveling in the comfort, luxury and privacy of a chauffeured limousine is the best way to get to and from the ferry.

Travel stress-free from any location on Long Island or even NYC with no need to find parking.  A Long Island limo service drops you off right at the ferry and picks you up when you step off the boat upon your return.

Once on Fire Island, it’s time to kick back, slow down and get with the program.  The only way to get around is on foot, and the favored way to move luggage is with a little red wagon…  There are no cars on Fire Island, other than the western tip.

Fire Island Ferry

Fire Island Ferry also has a long history for reliable service to Fire Island since 1948, providing service to the 7 western towns of Fire Island, Ocean Beach, Ocean Bay Park, Fair Harbor, Kismet, Saltaire, Seaview and Dunewood/Atlantic.  Fire Island Ferry sails from Maple Avenue, in Bayshore, NY, landing at the community of your choice on Fire Island.  Be sure to check the schedule and purchase the correct ticket for the community you’re going to!  It is surprising how many people land in the wrong place.

The Fire Island Ferry from Bayshore, NY about halfway up Long Island, can be reached via car, bus or rail.  There is a paid parking across the street from the ferry, and taxi service from the bus or rail.  Another excellent and stress free choice is a Suffolk County limousine service, which will pick you up anywhere on Long Island, NYC or any of the airports and drop you off right at the ferry terminal.  When you’re going for a good time of relaxing and unwinding on Fire Island, why bother with the stress of traffic, trains, taxis and terminal parking when a classy chauffeured town car service will get you there exactly when you want to be there and pick you up when you step off the boat on your return?





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