Theatre at Westbury – once known as Westbury Music Fair

Theatre at Westbury, officially NYCB Theatre at Westbury, is one of the most famous venues on Long Island.  The NYCB is for New York Community Bank, who purchased the naming rights in 2010.Theatre at Westbury

This theater in the round style theater located in the hamlet of Jericho, NY, has seating for 2,870.  Only 29 miles east of Midtown Manhattan, this tiny hamlet in Nassau County on the North Shore of Long Island has been made famous by the NYBC Theatre at Westbury.

Theater in the round is a popular style of theater in the United States and around the world where the stage is in the center of the auditorium.  The audience surrounds the stage on all sides (or all around, if the stage, itself, is round, as some are).  In fact, the stage at NYCB Theatre at Westbury is a circular stage.

Originally, this theater was the dream of radio broadcaster, Frank Ford and nightclub owner, Lee Guber, who very much enjoyed performances presented in a tent.   When they speculated aloud on the way home from one performance in 1954 about how to improve the venue, Ford’s wife challenged them to go ahead and do it.

After taking the challenge and creating Valley Forge Music Fair in Devon, PA in 1955, they created a second such facility for performing arts in an abandoned lime quarry in Westbury, New York, a Long Island suburb of NYC.  They named this venue, the Westbury Music Fair, the name under which it operated continuously until 2005.

Since 2005, various major sponsors have purchased naming rights, with the latest being NYCB, from 2010 to the present.  NYCB Theatre at Westbury is rated No. 1 of the six top things to do in Westbury, NY by TripAdvisor and one of the top activities to take in on Long Island, New York.

There are weekly shows and concerts with big name artists and famous actors and actresses virtually every week throughout the year.  Some weeks there are shows all week, while some only have shows for a couple of days.  Tickets and show information is available on their website.

In a theater in the round setting, any seat can be facing the action on the stage at any time.  However, not all seats are the same!  It’s a good idea to ask and be sure of where your seat is when you book your tickets.  Ticket outlets online will show you where your seat is, in relation to the stage, plus they will tell you things like which seats are the best or which seats are the least expensive.

There is also the VIP Club at Lounge 960 to relax in before and after a show at NYBC Theatre at Westbury.  It offers a full service bar, an exclusive food and drink menu.  The food is made to order, created and prepared onsite using fresh, local ingredients and featuring nightly specials.

Café tables and comfortable couches offer a place to relax and unwind before the show, and there is a live flat screen television feed of the show in the lounge.  There are no crowds to deal with, as the lounge has a separate entrance and exist.  The perfect way to get to a show at Theatre at Westbury is via a chauffeured Long Island Limo service, right to the lounge entrance, with discrete and private pickup whenever you desire.

This is the recipe for a perfect night while visiting New York.

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