Unwinding New York Style – where to go for a break in NYC

Unwinding New York style is something unique to the area.  Nowhere else on the planet do people know how to unwind and tone down the stress like they do in New York City.

unwinding new york stylePerhaps it’s because NYC is the most densely populated city in the United States, or maybe it’s the air off the Atlantic, but for some reason, New Yorkers are famous for being able to unwind and chill, even with the hectic schedule of such a busy city.

You might be surprised to know that in spite of the massive amount of concrete and glass and the millions of people, New York has a lot of green space, recreational facilities and some of the best food and entertainment in the country.  You can get up in the morning, take a run in Central Park, eat breakfast at Tiffany’s just like Audrey Hepburn’s character, Holly Gollightly, enjoying a cup of coffee and a donut from a street vendor or deli with your selfy stick… no one will ask you what you’re doing and the folks at Tiffany’s, if they’re open, might just give you a smile through the window.

New Yorkers know how to breathe, even when life is screaming in every direction around them.  When you get to NYC on your business trip, focus on your business when it’s time to focus and then kick back like a true New Yorker for some real unwinding in New York on your me time.

The easiest way to start unwinding in New York is to get rid of most of the stress before you even board your plane.  Call ahead or go online and book a Suffolk County limo service to meet you at the airport.  You can start relaxing the moment you settle back in your seat on the plane, because whenever you land at your airport anywhere in the NYC, Long Island area, your chauffeur-driven limousine will be there when you arrive and your classy and courteous chauffeur will meet you at the baggage carousel in arrivals.

Book an Airport Car Service

Airport car service on Long Island is for more than simply getting you from A to B promptly in comfort and style.  Try a Long Island limo service for unwinding New York style. They know this city and where to find some of the best restaurants, sights and evening entertainment in the world.  Your chauffeur is very familiar with authentic NYC favorites, where the locals who really know the city like to unwind after a hectic day in the New York financial district.  There is no better solution for unwinding in New York than the helpful and knowledgeable folks of a Long Island limo service.

Why not take advantage of their local knowledge and get there in real style?  Your chauffeur not only knows where the best kept NYC secrets are hiding, but also knows the staff and can help you get that special treatment reserved for the best local patrons.

Like noodles?  Ask about Momofuku Noodle Bar on 1st Avenue between 10th and 11th Street, just about a block from Tompkins Square Park in historic East Village Park with its wonderful greenery, live music, farmer’s market and various other eclectic events.

How about Chinese with a twist of NYC?  New York is famous for its great Chinese food, and Mission Chinese Food run by chef/owner Danny Bowien with his only-in-New-York hits like kung pao pastrami and thrice-cooked bacon is sure to satisfy you like none other.

Like unusual with a little twist of “well, that was different?”  Ask your chauffeur about Wildair on Orchard Street.  According to food critics, you can’t really squeeze this one into any particular classification, but you sure can enjoy the food!

For a little fun and feasting, ask your chauffeur for his recommendations.  You might discover a whole new taste sensation like nothing you’ve tried before.

If you have time and your timing works out, ya gotta go to Yankee Stadium, catch a game and enjoy a hotdog and peanuts from Nathan’s or check out some of the other, less traditional eateries inside the iconic stadium.  East meets west this weekend as the Mariners drop in for a visit and next Tuesday  it’s the LA Dodgers in town.

Unwinding New York Style is an art

Unwinding New York style is an art that New Yorkers have mastered because they have to.

NYC is the city that never sleeps.  If you want some nighttime fun to really unwind the New York way after a day of meetings, there are lots of choices.  Check out one of the many websites for NYC entertainment to find whatever appeals to your tastes.  Even better, for a truly authentic NYC evening, ask your chauffeur where New Yorkers go to really relax after a busy day.

Unwinding New York style is an art New Yorkers have mastered to counteract the extreme pace of their very international city.  New York people work hard, stand together and unwind properly so they can stand another day.  Joining them for a day might be the best unwind you ever have!


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